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McAree Engineering are one of Irelands leading Outsource Sheet Metal Fabrica-tion companies. Employing 100 people across two sites in North Monaghan, we offer a complete metal design service which includes sheet metal work,
fabrication and finishing.


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Design —

Unlike most manufacturing companies, McAree Engineering have a strong design reputation with our team of Design Engineers led by Brendan McAree, our MD. The 5 strong team ensure your designs are pro-duction ready and allow us to provide a Turnkey service

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Laser Cutting —

providing a laser cutting service since 1999, we currently operate 3 Trumpf laser cutting machines with a maximum sheet size of 6.2m x 2m. Our most recent acquisition is a Trulaser 4KW 3050 Fibre laser with fully automated Trustore system providing a lights out capability.

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Forming —

we operate 3 Trumpf forming machines, the largest of which isan EHT 600 ton 7m press brake. This provides the capability of folding 5.5m lengths of 12mm material. This capability is augmented by Trumpf TruBend Machines providing 100 ton at 3m & 230 ton at 4m widths.

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Punching —

for high volume intricate designs we operate a Trumpf 5000R punch machine with vast array of specialist dies including beading and ex-truded dimple for ladder and platform steps.

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Fabrication —

we have 25 fabrication welders operating across 2 sites. Our Welding Centre is home to 14 welding cells focusing on high volume fabricated parts. Our Projects Division focuses on high design bespoke parts which tend to be physically big. Our Projects Area is certified to EN1090 Class 2. Specific ex-pertise in Pipe Welding, Tanks and HVAC Ducting.

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Painting —

We have a manual Powder Paint Facility with a Blast Booth (14m long x 7m wide x 6m high) complete with recovery system (manual blasting using chilled iron). Our Gema Spraybooth is 7.2m long x 4m wide x 3.3m high, complete with after filter and fire suppressant system Our box oven is 7.2m long x 3.5m wide x 3.3m high. This system is complimented by 7.1m wide x 36m long x 6m high Wet Spray Hall with a heat capacity of 35oC. This capability is quality controlled by our own in-house ICorr qualified Paint Inspectors.

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Quality —

We have developed our own management system which is accredited to ISO9001:2015 (Quality), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental) & OHSAS 18001:2007 (Health & Safety) to ensure that everything we manufacure is off the highest quality, with minimal risk to the Environment and in the safest possible way.

Our Fabrication capability is accreddited to EN1090 Execution Class 2.



McAree Engineering Machine Capability

  • 1 x Trumpf 5060 laser: working area 6200 x 2000mm, fully automated.
  • 1 x Trumpf 3050 Fibre laser complete with fully automated, 16 shelf Trustore, work-ing range 4000mm x 2000mm, complete with Rotolas with a 300mm diameter capa-bility.
  • 1 x Trumpf 4050 laser: working range 4000mm x 2000mm.
  • 1 x EHT VarioPress 600 ton, 7m wide complete with bending assists – we can fold up to 5.5m,12mm HR material.
  • 2 x Trumpf Press Brake Machines: Up to 200 tonne pressure folding up to 20mm We can fold 10mm x 3.6m lengths.
  • Trumpf 5000 Punching Machine: Working range 3000 x 1600, fully automated Punch capability up to 4mm mild steel, 3mm stainless steel.
  • 25 fully equipped Welding Bays.
  1. On site RWC.
  2. Currently being EN 1090 certified. 3 weld procedures certified; single fil-let, multi run fillet, pipe to plate.
  3. Outstanding; single run butt weld, multi run buttweld.
  • 2 x Seam Welders– 200mm to 2300mm diameter with a 3500mm liner axis.
  • Wet & Powder Spray Paint facility
  1. Blast Booth - 14m long x 7m wide x 6m high complete with recovery sys-tem (manual blasting using chilled iron).
  2. Spray Booth - Gema spraybooth:7.2m long x 4m wide x 3.3m high, com-plete with after filter and fire suppressant system.
  3. Oven Size - 7.2m long x 3.5m wide x 3.3m high.
  4. Wet Spray Hall – 7.1m wide x 36m long x 6m high with a heat capacity of 35 deg C.
  5. 10 ton lifting capability throughout.
  6. In-House ICORR accredited Paint Inspector Level 1.
  • Cincinnati Machining Centre.
  • Uzmo pipe bender – 100mm diameter 3.65mm to 6mm gauge, 180o with a centre line radius of either 480mm.
  • Spiro Tube former: Range 100mm to 4000mm diameter for HVAC Ducting.
  • Spiro Gorelocker: Manufacture of segment bends, reductions, end covers and offsets.
  • 3.2m Drumasler Guillotine: range up to 6mm.
  • 3 x Metal Plate Rollers: 3200mm x 6mm gauge.
  • Pedrazzoli CNC Angle Master: Punching and shearing of angle and flat sections.
  • Pedrazzoli CNC Roundo: Rolling of angle and flat sections; 100mm x 100mm x 10mm angle section, 150mm x 12mm flat section, 80mm x 40mm box section.
  • 2 x Automatic Band Saw.
  • Drilling and tapping.

McAree Engineering, Ballinode, Co. Monaghan
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