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McAree Engineering building the new Ballinode Community Centre to replace the old one.

McAree Engineering building the new Ballinode Community Centre to replace the old one
The committee was greeted with the sight of the foundations fully in place.  The new centre is designed to the Community centre committee’s requirements and matches the footprint of the old centre.  It has been designed by local architect Aidan Sherlock and incorporates meeting rooms, kitchen and toilet facilities and a large open plan for multifunction use. The work to date includes alignment and clearing of the site.  The riverbank which runs along the back of the site has been sensitively reinforced which will allow for an outdoor patio and seating area in the future. McAree Engineering MD, Brendan McAree added : Commenting on the progress, Chairperson of Ballinode Community Projects Ltd committee, Maria Maguire, stated
We are delighted to see the progress made to date and can’t wait to see the new community building in the centre of the village conveniently located beside the existing ballcourt and playground. This is a win-win for the whole community. McAree Engineering will have more room to develop their existing site and all Ballinode community facilities will be located in one central area. We want to acknowledge the extra work Mc Aree Engineering did to extend the site along the riverbank to allow for an outdoor patio area. We hope to develop the site in a way that takes full advantage of the beautiful views along the river. It has been a very difficult year for everyone, and this project is going to take time but with community support and patience we will get there.