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Powder Coating

Powder coating is a modern painting method that “bakes” paint onto a surface –The powder is made from resins and pigments, it is applied as a dry product through an electrostatic charged transfer process. Once the powder adheres to the component it cures in a temperature controlled oven up to 220°C depending on the type coating.

Powder coating has proven to be extremely decorative and more resistant to chemicals, chipping, fading and wearing than other finishes. Powder coating is also extremely cost-effective when set against labour intensive traditional liquid coatings. It is also virtually pollution-free, with very little wastage in the application process, containing no solvents and producing almost zero volatile organic compounds.

Powder coating is finished to the British Standards BS EN 12206 : 2004 and BS EN 13438:2005.

Our Gema Spraybooth is 7.2m long x 4m wide x 3.3m high, complete with after filter and fire suppressant system allowing us to handle large fabrications. Our manual conveyor system can carry up to 2 ton in weight. 

Once Coated the parts are cured or baked in our 7.2m long x 3.5m wide x 3.3m high box oven.